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Fan-Interview   Fans interview their Star ! ! !

Birgit ( from Springe, Germany ) :
Do people recognize you on the street and ask you for autograms or photo shoots a lot? Do you mind if fans approach you like that all the time?
Well, it depends on my mood. If I am having a good day I'm rather approachable. If I'm grumpy I tend to make it obvious that I'd rather be left alone. Don't we all.

Jan H. ( Feldberg, Germany ) :
Imagine the year 1983 again, if you had the choice again to play in a band or live a "NORMAL" live, what would you choose?
If I imagine '83 I tend to think of the pain when I was bleaching my hair!! Nothing worse than a Redhead trying to go Blond. WHAT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!!

Rene´W. ( Germany ) :
Hi Jimmy, I think it's great that you are willing to answer some of our (your fan's) questions - not many artists are doing that these days. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that. Here are my questions:
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses in private, and do you still have contact to
Connie Giannaris?   Would you participate in "I'm a celebrity..........
NO contact lenses, No contact with Mr Connie Giannaris and I ain't ready to sell my soul to the Devil's media!!

Torsten A. ( Berlin, Germany ) :
Loves greet from Berlin! You are in the show business for quite a while, are you still getting stage excited
prior to a show?
I never know how I'll be until I sing the first note of a song. It depends on the atmosphere, sound and also how I feel inside. I'm only human after all ;-()

Marge ( France ) :
How do you get inspiration? Do you enjoy singing the whole time? If not, in what conditions?
You don´t come to france often, why? The public doesn´t know/remember/like
you enough? What are your occupations at home? How do you see yourself in 10 years? In 20
years?   Do you have time to practise swimming or other sports (which ones)?
I think you know more about me than most people. You know I don't swim!!!

M. ( Brandenburg, Germany ) :
How many siblings do you have and how is your relationship to them and your parents?
Well, that's what I discuss with my very close friends..........and the odd journalist!!! He He

Sven and Sabine ( Chemnitz, Germany ) :
After a long break you treated us with home again. Do we have to wait that long again, and when can we expect the
release of your next record, single or video?   Did you start working on a new album already, and if yes, how many songs did you
compose already?
I am a lazy fucker! I like to watch and participate in the world passing by

J.G. ( Australia ) :
In which part of Glasgow did you grow up?
Ruchill. They have bulldozed it into history..........so sad.........NOT!!

Joshua ( GB ) :
You used to wear a ring on your left, and sometimes right finger.
Why don't you wear the ring anymore and what was it's meaning?
Don't wear much jewellery. It was a Cladagh ring. It's Irish........Google it!!

Lars and Ulf ( Germany ) :
Hi Jimmy, we love you !   I guess you did not regret your move to Brighton. Are you still happy there or do
you have plans to go back to London some day?   Do you clean your house yourself, or do you have a "cleaning boy" with a
string and dust bunny  ? ;-)
I once paid for a cleaner with a ten inch cock to clean naked............even that go boring!!

Martin Z. ( Germany ) :
Do you still go to the disco a lot, and when you go, do you go to dance or get a date?
I go, get drunk, get naughty, get asked to leave, go home.........laugh in the morning.

Jan H. ( Feldberg, Germany ) :
Do you preffer to play in clubs or in large concert halls. Where (which country) do you like to perform most?
I love to sing..........

Ian ( GB ) :
From your dj work- what are your garanteed floor fillers?   Are there any artists you´d like to sing or write with?
Would you ever do a bands reunited type show with bb or the c. ?   How do you about writing? Do you get a lyric first,
or complete a backing track and write a lyric around it?   Do you make much use of the internet?
Internet for sex, chat with friends, google things, buy things etc. My floor fillers are my obscure punk, disco, electro shit!! No reunites....EVER!!!

Carsten T. ( Germany ) :
What do you like about the Germans, and what do you really dislike about the Brits?
Well, like and dislike, hate and love.........it's a European pastime I can't be arsed with.

Gerd ( Königshofen, Germany ) :
Why don't you have a driver's license, are you afraid of driving?
Afraid, me.........bring it on!!!!

Ramon ( France ) :
Do you still go kiting?
If it's windy and my friends want to join me........yes ;-)

Ha.- Jo. ( Thüringen, Germany ) :
Are you still in contact to Marc Almond and Andy Bell ?
I sang some duets with Andy two weeks ago, December 2 (2006) and it was fantastic!!

xxx ( Germany ) :
Can you read music tunes or play an instrument?

Jaqueline ( Germany ) :
Do you like pets? Do you have a favored pet, or even a pet at home?
Nope........and I hate cats.

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We should like to thank Jimmy Somerville and Gunther W. for the fan-interview.



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